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Pen Went Through Dryer

A pen went through our dryer Some genius put the pen on top of the dryer and it leaked blue ink everywhere which WOULD NOT come out without damaging the appliance paint So our dryer had both a blue stain and small scratches in the paint from enthusiastic scrubbingcleaning products

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  • Krylon White Sherwin Williams K03201

    A pen went through our dryer Some genius put the pen on top of the dryer and it leaked blue ink everywhere which WOULD NOT come out without damaging the appliance paint So our dryer had both a blue stain and small scratches in the paint from enthusiastic scrubbingcleaning products

  • 7 Amazingly Easy Ways to Get Ink Stains Out of a Dryer

    A stray ink pen is all it takes to foul your dryer and cause it to soil your shirts blouses and pants though Having an idea of how to get ink stains out of a dryer ensures that a ballpoint pen doesnt ruin your day When you know a few ways to remove ink from a dryer your next load of laundry remains unmarked and ready for wear

  • Cleaning Ink Out of a Dryer ThriftyFun

    Apr 02 2012 Tip Use Bleach to Remove Ink in Dryer Renea A April 2 2012 Make a solution of bleach and water Completely immerse some white towels in the solution and using rubber gloves wring out most of the water from the towels They should be just damp and not dripping Next throw the towels in the dryer and turn it on

  • Simple Ways to Get Dried Ink Out of Clothes 11 Steps

    Apr 19 2021 Unfortunately the heat from the dryer can make it much harder to remove ink stains from fabric If you can safely bleach the item try pretreating the stain with alcoholbased hand sanitizer Then run it through the wash with hot water and about a cup of bleach

  • Red ink pen exploded in dryer Ask Me Help Desk

    Aug 07 2012 Emland Posts 2468 Reputation 496 Ultra Member Oct 25 2007 0437 PM Red ink pen exploded in dryer A red ink pen went through the washer okay but exploded in my electric dryer I have used Goo Gone with a clean rag turning often and am making headway but I dont think it will get off the Baked On ink

  • I had a pen explode in my dryer during a load of whites

    But the fact that it happened in the dryer means the heat present when the stains got onto the fabric will make them much more difficult to remove Also gel writing pens unlike ball point pens are designed to be permanent so if thats actually the type of pen that stowed away in your laundry you will likely not be able to get the stains out

  • Dave Barrys Blog WANTEDinfo on removing ink from dryer

    Dec 28 2004 Just messed the landlords dryer pen went through the was and the dry The drum is crasy blue Wifey went out for 99 alcohal and magic erasers I tried everything whiel she was gone and nail polish remover worked best She has now left again to get more

  • How to Remove Ink Wax or Dye From Washer or Dryer

    Feb 08 2020 A pen gets left in a jeans pocket and explodes in the washer or dryer leaving ink all over the clothes and the appliance drum It could be that a melting stick of lip balm leaves spots on your khaki pants and a smear of greasy wax in the dryer Even that wonderful pair of new dark raw denim jeans can leave the inside of your dryer the same color

  • A pen exploded in my clothes dryer How can I clean the dryer

    First you should determine what kind of ink has been spread around your dryer Also the answer could depend on whether or not a large amount of lint is stuck to the ink as this may decrease the effectiveness of some cleaning methods If the ink is a normal ballpoint pen like a Bic or something generally you can use a light solvent

  • vape BAttery survived washing machine and went through

    Hmmm Turned it off turned it on again everything seemed to be working properly I went out side to check the exhaust vent which is just a short pipe through the wall from the dryer and found a MARK TENbattery cartridge laying there in the pipe This is a typical 10 year old front loading clothes dryer

  • How to Get Pen Marks Off the Inside of a Dryer Home

    How to Get Pen Marks Off the Inside of a Dryer An innocuous blue or black mark on the inside of the dryer can mean disaster for your clothes When the ink leaks from a ballpoint or felttip pen

  • Surface Pen SP4 went through the washertwice Surface

    I was in a rush so I shoved the pen in my pants pocket long story short that pair of pants went into our HE washing machine with the pen I didnt realize where the pen was and didnt bother to check the washer until we finished a 2nd load of laundry surface pen didnt work when I pulled it out of the washer

  • How to Get Pen Out Of Clothes Momtastic

    If your penstained clothing somehow made its way through the laundry and through the dryer use a good quality stain remover to tackle the marks You can apply it as a pretreatment and add some

  • How to Get Ink Out of Clothes After Drying eHow

    It seems weve all ruined a shirt pair of pants furniture or some kind of fabric with that evil ink Although it might seem impossible to remove there are a few things you can try before you decide to give up With a little bit of water hairspray alcohol patience and elbow grease you might make the ink come out

  • Disaster of the Week Dropped a Pen Down the Dryer Lint

    Jan 03 2012 Disaster of the Week Dropped a Pen Down the Dryer Lint Vent on monday night i noticed a large amount of lint down the black hole that the lint trap goes in on my dryer i grabbed an ink pen one of many left in my husbands uniform pants that i may or may not have retrieved before they go into the washer andor dryer within 3 seconds i

  • I Washed My USB Drive What Are the Longterm Risks

    Jan 09 2014 Instead blow or suck the water out But dont use a hair dryerits heat can fry your phones insides Instead opt for a can of compressed air an air compressor set to a low psi or a vacuum cleaner a wetdry ShopVac would be perfect The idea is to use air to push or pull moisture out through the same channels it entered

  • I accidentally put my vaporiser in a washer and dryer E

    Jan 25 2016 A good rinse in hot water and a dry burn would fix a lot of coils No reason the washer or dryer should have broke your coil but Im with 2naphish if it has a nonchangeable wick Id toss it ALWAYS have spares if you can afford it CRAZY stuff like that happens and backups are so important to keep you in vape

  • A pen got into my laundry and I have ink in my dryer

    Jul 02 2007 HiCustomer It depends on what you have in the house Rubbing alchohol and a Mr Clean Eraser works wonders Just make sure you open a window You can also put water and bleach on an old towel with a couple of fabric softener sheets run it about 3 times for 30 min each resoaking the towel with bleach and water not dripping in between each run

  • Ink Pen Washed and Dried with Full Load of Laundry

    Jul 17 2008 Try flushing with cold water until pigments are removed then rub liquid detergent or Zout stain remover into stain Rinse and repeat process until most of the stain is removed Then add 14 tablespoons of household ammonia per quart of water to warm sudsy water Soak garment for

  • So a Pen Exploded in Your Dryer

    Jul 18 2017 When the pen marks are gone give the drum a pass using a clean damp rag with a small amount of dish soap to remove the residue from the Goo Gone SHOP 463 amazoncom Some Things to NOT Do

  • What to do when a pen explodes in your dryer Clark Howard

    Jul 25 2017 Easy way to remove ink stains from your dryer A man named Dusty posted a video on YouTube to demonstrate how to remove pen stains from your dryer using a cheap bottle of nail polish remover The video has more than 150000 views and it has helped thousands of people After trying several other methods Dusty showed how using a piece of cotton

  • Getting Ball Point Pen Marks Out of the Dryer The Happy

    Jul 29 2011 Heres how you can use nail polish remover to get ink out of the dryer Take a rag and soak part of it in nail polish remover Then rub the pen marks with the damp rag The marks should come right off You can also use a spray bottle to spray the marks then rub with a dry rag

  • Ink stains in my dryer Hometalk

    Mar 07 2016 A pen went through a drying cycle in a jacket pocket Amazingly none of the clothes were affected but now I have dryer stains all over the inside of my dryer I am afraid to put anything delicate or good in there for fear of it running So far it hasnt gotten on anything I

  • Ink pen went through the wash and dryer and stained an

    Mar 16 2007 A pen went through the washer and dryer and several articles of clothing came out of the dryer with ink read more My daughter left a ink pen in her pants she put the pants in the dry and its stain the inside Is read more I have numerous water stains rings on my microfiber couch

  • Cross Ballpoint Pen Disassembly amp Cleaning Cross The

    May 25 2011 Search FPN under Cross ballpoint repair or similar terms to see if you can locate earlier threads on this for more input One user tried some type of alcohol to loosen his pen but I dont believe that is a good lubricant IMO If Cross has an answer to this issue its a wellkept secret Edited May 18 2011 by WriteAway

  • Pen Exploded in the Dryer Heres what to do Two Make a

    Mix a few drops of dish soap in a bucket of warm water and use some elbow grease Scrub away at all the ink spots both in the dryer drum and along side any other areas including gaskets and the door Dont be alarmed if you see that the ink is spreading as you clean it

  • How to Get Pen Stains Out of Clothing After It Is

    Mix cup of cold water and three to five drops of laundry detergent into a bowl Dab the soapy water solution onto the stain using a cotton swab Rub the fabric together to form a lather Wash the clothing in cold water with laundry detergent and chlorine or allfabric bleach Let the garment airdry

  • How to Get Stains Out From Fabric That Has Been Washed

    No matter how careful you are with laundry an item sometimes will make it through the drying cycle before you notice a stainStains that have been washed and dried in a commercial dryer are much harder to remove than a stain that is still damp

  • Removing Dry Ink Stains Clorox174

    Nov 25 2013 Finding a pen in your laundry after it has been through the dryer is so frustrating the heat from the dryer makes a stain that is already difficult to get out that much harder to remove Usually I recommend a twostep process for dealing with ink stains that could still help you but first you need to determine the colorfastness of the item if

  • How can I recover a USB Flash Drive that was washed

    Nov 26 2012 Make sure your dryer is set to High I have a sandisk drive that has been washed at least seven yes seven times and of course run through the dryer as well As long as it is thoroughly dry no problem Any trace of mousiure is bad bad bews